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Posted by Katya J on 14 August 2013,04:08 pm


1. When did you first start creating music?

TERONZE: I used to sing in a group (yes, a boy band) for a while. It was fun. We were pretty good in my opinion - four tall guys from Stockton, California who harmonized well together. Our problem was, we never completed any music of our own. Well, let me be honest. We wrote one song (a pretty good one too) - it was entitled "Who Said Loving Me Was Easy" (Haha, I still giggle with a smirk when I think of that title). Prior to this song, we had gotten interest from record companies, but they always wanted to hear about three or more tracks of our own. 

Unfortunately, we were only singing cover songs, and in the end, it just wasn't good enough for the A&R reps at the time. Eventually, they stopped calling and we ended up moving on. That time in my life gave me the basic skills and a small level of confidence to try something on my own. I had sporadically gone into the studio a couple of times and recorded four songs over a period of five years. It didn't go well because I hadn't found my voice. I was trying to sound like other people I admired and I wasn't truly feeling the music given to me. That's two big pieces of the puzzle in my book. It wasn't until 2010, that I had the epiphany to produce my own music. With the help of a couple of people, I was able to procure what I did not know about; A Digital Audio Workstation (DAWS for short), or what others call a digital studio. I started using Reasons. I had paid about $2000 for equipment, which included a computer, good singing mic, MIDI keyboard, audio interface (instruments, mic) preamp, studio speakers, studio earphones, studio monitor, mic stand, and some other things. I was on my way!

What changed as a result of taking this jump, was the ability to find my voice without the constrictions of limited studio time, costs, full creative control (even if at 3am in the morning), and the ability to express myself however I chose without being told how someone else should think I should deliver my creativity. Ironic isn't it? Six months into my production, "The Book of Emotion" was given birth.

2.     Where are you originally from?  Do you come from a musical (family) background?

TERONZE: Originally, I was born in Stockton, CA. I currently live in Oakland, CA now. 

I guess you can say that my family is very musical. My brother plays the bass guitar and my mother plays the piano, saxophone, and acoustic guitar. My father just watches it all unfold in awe!

3.     At what point did you decide that you wanted to pursue music as a profession?

TERONZE: I can honestly say that I've been into music since I was around six - sitting back listening to my father's 8-track tapes in the den. The seed was planted. It was actually my father who I give most of the credit for even jumping into music for myself. It was at a time in my life that I needed new inspiration, and my father reminded me of the true creative side of me that I've expressed in so many ways OTHER than music.

Let me give more insight to how my father was highly instrumental in my musical progression. My pops is very pragmatic, cut & dry, and not at all outspoken creatively. That was my mother. So one day, my father recognized that there was something passionate missing in my life. He vehemently expressed to me that I was missing the true gift that I had kept hidden for years, and left it for the corporate world. Well, thankfully, I ended up coming back home to music.

4. When creating a song, where does your inspiration for new music come from?

TERONZE: That’s a good one. It comes from a deep-rooted passion from years of build up. I traveled a lot with my parents, and I became EXTREMELY creative throughout the process. I then gave myself the nickname “Think Tank”. Corny, right? Haha.

5. For a person that has never been to one of your shows, how would you describe Teronze concert?

TERONZE: Truly eclectic 10 piece band, with a smoothed out feel. I love rock and I love soul -intertwined. It’s a blend that is musically misplaced purposely. Which is unfortunate because the titles don’t define the music, the music defines itself.

6. Who are some of your musical influences?

TERONZE: Artists such as James Brown, Johnnie Taylor, Chaka Khan, BB King, Al Green and the list goes on. I would also sneak and listen to the more provocative stuff from my older brother such as Parliament, Prince, Jimi Hendricks, Journey, Fishbone, The Time, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. Since then, I had this bug for true creativity when it came to music. I loved when artists reached outside of the box. It truly moved me.

7. The title of the CD, “The Book of Emotion” is a very interesting title.  Is there any specific meaning behind the album’s title?

TERONZE: Awe sookie sookie now! You’re getting deeper into the abyss of Teronze. Haha. No, seriously, I came up with the title because this album ended up being a liberation for my expression musically, lyrically, emotionally, creatively, and thus I called it ‘The Book of Emotion.” It became my own personal emotional bible. Not one aspect of this album is fictional. I meant it all from the core.

8. Are you planning to work on another album anytime soon?  If you do another album will you follow the same format as your first album or will you try and create something that is different from the first album?

TERONZE: Why yes I am!!! I’d say that I’m not trying to create anything different from the first, but merely elevate my style, experience, music, and lyrics based on where I am now. That’s it. Even my format has advanced: better production, better singing, more confidence in delivering who I choose to be, versus what the industry says I should be. The only format that I will continue to follow is my passion. I love that consistency. My newest album is currently in production and entitled “Crimson Sky”. I’m really excited about this one because I can say that it is definitely “different” not by intentional choice, but because I can feel the growth. Ooh! It’s getting me all silly putty inside (I can be so goofy sometimes).

9. Where can people go to purchase your music?

TERONZE: My music can be found at the following sites:






*PANDORA:  Select “Teronze” radio

10. Any last words for the people? 

TERONZE: “Live like you only live once so you won’t have to think twice.” Much love! 

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