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E-MOE is an underground RAP legend in Sacramento, California. Visit E-Moe’s 4fame profile today by clicking here and click “Become a Fan” – he won’t disappoint. Cheers!


  1. When did you first start creating music?

E-Moe: I’ve been creating music since I was around 9 or 10 years old. I mean as far as I    can remember, I’ve been creating music in some kind of way. I can remember making music with a cassette deck back in the day to loop a section of a song I liked to make a beat. After that I got my hands on two turntables and fell in love with being a DJ. So like I said, music has always been around. My mother played a lot of music around me as a child, and I can remember wanting to create the sounds I heard in different songs. I can remember loving how a song by Parliament had so many changes in the music making me lose my mind. So ever since I was a kid I’ve been creating music. But, I will say that professionally, 1993 was the time I decided to create music for a living. Before that it was just for the love of music and wanting to learn more before becoming an artist, or producer.

  1. Where are you originally from?  Do you come from a musical (family) background?

E-Moe: I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but I’ve lived in California all my life. My family moved to San Francisco when I was 5, and from there I’ve lived in Oakland, Berkeley, and now Sacramento. So I like to say that I’m from California, but I like it in Sac.

  1. At what point did you decide that you wanted to pursue music as a profession?

E-Moe: As I got older, the streets started to become a turn off to me! I wasn’t attracted to the trouble anymore, and I wanted to provide for my family. It just so happens that I was able to see a few people make a lot of money from music first hand, so I always figured, why not me? Why not make money doing something I love to do? I’ve tried working a 9 to 5, but I’ve always believed if you can make a living doing what you love, why not? At that point is when I decided to pursue music as a profession. I truly believe I have the talent to make millions just like any other person when given the chance or opportunity.

  1. When creating a song, where does your inspiration for new music come from?

E-Moe: When I make music, I try to entertain. I want to inspire the listener with something educational and original. I like to just be myself when I’m composing music because making music is my freedom. Music is the way you can express your thoughts to the world in a creative way that will make them listen. So why say something that has already been said? Making music is spiritual thing to me, so really I just let it flow. When I’m producing a beat, most of the time I sit down and let it come out as it will. If I don’t like it, I out it away until later to check back for changes on another day. If I feel I’ve said the same words to many times a song or a verse, I’ll rerecord it. When it’s time to mix and master, I want my music to sound the best it can for the budget because I know quality matters. Even though I’ve been doing music for years and songs should be easy to do, I never like to rush my music. In today’s industry, people will record a song and put it online for free the same day. I like to listen to my music to see what can be done to make it better. And I’m really against giving my hard work away for free, so I really take my time to make it sellable. If you rush your music, believe me it will sound rushed. So I like to take my time, do it right, but at the same time stay consistent…

  1. For a person that has never been to one of your shows, how would you describe an E-Moe performance?

E-Moe: An E-Moe performance is more like my introducing myself for the 1st time every time. There’s a lot of crowd interaction and me saying my name and contacts throughout so that they are remembered. Nothing to big because I mainly perform alone, so I have to do my best to perform with a strong voice which helps to hold the people’s attention. But basically a E-Moe performance is like a basic formal introduction.

  1. Who are some of your musical influences?

E-Moe: I love Funk music like Parliament, Roger & Zapp, Cameo, and old school music like that. I really love all kinds of music, but the old school Funk and R & B artist and producers like Marvin Gaye, James Brown inspire me more than most. But later in life, Hip Hop came a long and artist like Run DMC, MC Hammer, & Too Short made me feel like I could be a part of music without being a veteran musician like Prince or Stevie Wonder having to play the guitar or piano successfully while singing. Because if rap didn’t come along, Michael Jackson had my attention the most! So who knows what I may be doing in music now lol? But I also listen to Jazz, Reggae, Rock, and a little bit of Country to keep my mind open to sounds. Basically all music can be heard in a productive way if you ask me. I just chose to produced Rap and R & B to start my career with. But as time goes on and my company becomes more established, I plan to release any good music that I feel has to potential to make music. From Latin music to Indian music, I plan to have a record company, not a hood label with all my local friends hanging around.

  1. What do you think about the state of Rap and Hip Hop music today?

E-Moe: To me the state of Rap and Hip Hop is sad! There’s a lot of madness going on that wouldn’t have the right to exist in the Hip Hop world back in the day! The music business has always been a money machine, and now Hip Hop has become a part of that. Which means a lot of the true essence of the culture get diluted buy cooperate America for money. They don’t care if there’s a message in the music to help anymore, just as long as it’s a hit song. And it just so happens that songs about negative images become hits. Therefore it’s hurting the communities who listen to and follow the artist and the music they release. So it’s sad that Hip Hop has so much power now, but we don’t have the right to dictate how it should be presented. Back in the day the variety in Hip Hop was enormous! Now it’s just one dimensional with everything sounding like it’s from down south.

  1. The title of your recent mixtape “#NOFILTERZ” is a very interesting title.  Is there any specific meaning behind the title? And can you share a bit about your creation process?

E-Moe: “#NOFILTERZ” was my last FREE mixtape download. Over the last few years, I’ve played the mixtape game and released 6 volumes for free. This was my seventh volume, but I also the last. I felt it was time to make some money instead of spending a bunch of time creating songs to give away. Even though the mixtapes have served their purpose, it was always a plan to only do so many FREE projects. So “#NOFILTERZ” was my way of giving it my all before I moved on to the next level. I didn’t want to filter myself at all by making sure I stuck to a title with an subject or a theme, so the name fit perfect. Not to mention that the hash tag “#NOFILTERZ” started to become popular after the invention of Insatgram, so I figured that would help me express my meaning. Which was: that this project is an upload with no filterz added or needed. Straight up and to the point, raw and uncut E-Moe music. I had a few beats sent to me that weren’t really my type, but I had to use them because they were given to me by other producers to use. Some of the beats were even created from scratch with me in mind. So I had to use them. Those made me have to go harder than usual or even talk about a subject I wouldn’t normally touch on just because of the beat. I let the beats tell me what to say and who to feature on them. From that, it all came together. Finally I had my son design the cover and shoot the photo for me which was kind of based on uploading a photo to Instagram to add emphasize to the “#NOFILTERZ” title which topped it all off.

  1. What do you feel are the pros and cons of being an independent music artist? Do you want to remain an indie artist or would you prefer to be on a major label?

E-Moe: I feel the good things about being independent are having more self-control over what you’re doing musically and being able to spend your money the way you feel. But the bad side is not having the outlets that majors can provide such as big budgets, radio, touring, etc. But all of those things can be done with indie music; it just takes a lot more work than most are willing to put in. I would prefer to be a indie artist because I’m a person who’s willing to put in the work. I strive to be a major label of my own someday. So I don’t see myself as an rapper who’s trying to get signed to major label but I’ll take what I can get. I see myself as a Russell Simmons, or Sean Combs type who will be signing other artist so there has always been work to do. But in the end, it’s all about moving forward. So whatever helps me take the movement to where it needs to be, I’m all for it. Independent or major if the money is right. But on the side of that, you don’t really have a chose these days because the majors only want to sign independents that are doing well as an indie on their own.

  1. Where can people go to purchase your music?

E-Moe: Most of the music I’ve released so far can mainly be found on iTunes just like everybody else. Just type E-Moe in the iTunes search and a bunch of projects will come up that I have been involved with. I’m working on releasing new music now so there will be new sounds to enjoy, but the old music still sounds new to people who hasn’t heard it yet. You can also Google “E-Moe”, “Music by E-Moe”, or emoe3000 to find me on CDBaby, Amazon, and everywhere else you can find digital music.

  1. And any last words for the people?

E-Moe: Thanks to 4fame for having me. And to everyone who took the time to read about me, I thank you the most. My plans to be here for a long time has made me eager to build my dreams, so please pay attention. I’m a skilled Graphic Designer, Music Producer, Studio Recording & Mixing Engineer, Video Director, Recording artist, and a lot more. Feel free to contact me for anything I may be able to help you with. I can be contacted here on my 4Fame profile at any time. Thanks again for having me. Blessing to all. 1 Luv.

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