Why Join 4fame

WHY JOIN 4FAME? 4fame is introducing a new way to sell music!

4fame (4 Fans And Music Entertainment) is a free music platform for music artists and fans to connect, discover & sell music together. Create your new music store today!

Music Artists, Musicians, Producers and DJ's

  • FREE Music Store in every Profile & Hosting, showcasing your Music & Talent 
  • Digital Music Stores powered by PayPal
    • Same-day Payment
    • Sell New Music Albums & Singles 
    • Set your own price 
    • Direct sales (80/20 split Artist/4fame) & Peer-to-Peer sales (50/30/20 split Artist/Fan/4fame)
    • Live Reporting, including the direct email address of people who purchase your music
    • You keep control and ownership of your music and content.
  • Artist Recommendation Stores
    • Support peers by promoting and selling together
  • Connect with Fans through peer-to-peer networking and selling
  • Fan Groups, Event Calendar, Bulletin Board 
  • Music Projects for collecting donations online (90/10 split Artists/4fame)
  • Bio, News, Contact & Track Information
  • Customized Online Radio with our 5-star Rating & Ranking system built-in & more!

Music Lovers and Fans

  • FREE Profile showcasing your love of music
  • Discover New Music & Artists worldwide
  • Make Money promoting & selling new music by activating your own Fanatic Music Store:
    • Pick up to 8 4fame artists at a time to showcase in your own music store
    • Earn 30% commission on all Albums and Singles sold through your store
    • Live Reporting including the direct email address of people who purchase from you
  • Customized Online Radio on the go
  • Connect with Artists & Friends through music
  • Events Calendar, Artist Interviews & Fan/Friend Groups
  • Bio, Contact & Videos & More!


4fame Music Sales Bonus Schedule

4fame.com Music Sales Bonus Schedule

4fame.com Music Stores and Fanatic Music Program infographic

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