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4fame.com is introducing a new approach to marketing and selling music, which will utilize a working relationship between music artists and their most supportive fans. Technology has changed the way music is created and produced. In today’s market, music artists can create music with a small budget and limited resources because of the advancement in music producing and recording programs. In today’s world, more music is being created and produced than ever before!

The problem

Marketing and promotions are the most expensive part of doing music. Major record labels spend millions of dollars promoting their artists and music to fans and even with the rise of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.…music sales have been in a steep decline for years. Whether or not you are an independent artist with no money or on a major label with lots of money, the one thing you have in common is the need for gaining and sustaining fans. Creating music, performances and doing interviews are all done to promote your music, brand and build a fan base - all of which require your time, energy, and money.

The Solution

4fame.com has two new solutions. First, Artists now have the ability to sell their music within their own Music Store, located on their profile page. They can sell individual tracks and they set the price. Music Store sales are live, so artists don’t have to wait for the end of a quarter to receive funds; the money is deposited into their personal account live, per transaction, as they come in. Store sales are powered by PayPal, so every transaction is safe and secure and offered internationally.

Second, 4fame.com is introducing a profit sharing program between music artists and his/her fans. The idea is simple: any music artist that joins 4fame.com has the opportunity to opt-in to the program. With this program, artists will have more people hands-on, promoting and selling their music, and Fanatics will make money while they share, promote and sell their favorite music artists. It is a win-win situation. Fanatics can elect to become “Music Ambassadors,” and select 4 artists they love to create their “Fanatic Music Store.” The store is located directly on their 4fame.com profile and any music purchased through their profile, earns them a commission of the total sale. 4fame.com additionally offers tips on how to get started, including how to promote your music store and tools to set and calculate financial goals.

Here is an example of how it works:  Artist A joins 4fame as a music artist.  She is selling her songs on 4fame.com. Fanatic B joins 4fame.com as a fanatic and is a big fan of Artist A’s music. Fanatic B tells all of her friends to go to her 4fame fanatic page and check out Artist A's music after activating her Fanatic Music Store and selecting 4 favorite Artists to sell. A few of Fanatic B’s friends decide to purchase Artist A’s song by clicking the "Buy Music" link on Fanatic B’s page.  Any of Artist A’s music that is purchased through Fanatic B’s page is then credited back to the Fanatic and the profits are shared between Artist, Fanatic and 4fame.

Last but certainly not least, 4fame supports networking and collaboration between artists. We know as Artists, you also work and create music together, so a third opportunity to sell music has been established with our Artist Recommendation store. This is also something you can opt-in to, where you feature 4 other artists that you know, work with or simply recommend. Enabling all three of these methods of selling your music on 4fame opens up a whole new realm of limitless potential, more money and more significant relationships with your peers and fans.

The Goal

The "4fame Fanatic Incentive" program was created to financially reward fans for supporting and promoting their favorite music artists. Music artists are constantly asking fans to help promote and spread the word about their music. This new idea would incentivize fans to promote as well as help sell new music. Allowing fans to earn a percent of the profits would not only help build and maintain a fan base but also help music artists identify who their biggest and most supportive fans are. Additionally, this is an exponential and powerful way for independent music artists to make more money. At minimum, just having ONE Fanatic sell for you, an Artist can increase their potential sales by 30-50% compared to selling on their own without 4fame and the Fanatic Music Store incentive.

4fame’s team is hands on with promotion and supporting artists in all genres. Joining 4fame is 100% free with no annual fees. 4fame stands for 4 fans and music entertainment. 4fame offers a supportive free platform with innovative features to assist artists, bands, musicians, producers and DJ’s in promoting and selling their music while connecting with their most loyal and supportive fans worldwide.

Note: The 4fame Fanatic Incentive is optional for both music artists and fans.  If music artists do not want fans selling their music on their behalf then they can opt out and if fans do not have any interest in promoting and selling music, they can also opt out, while continuing to enjoy all the other abundant features and music 4fame.com offers free of charge.

Join 4fame right now by clicking the "JOIN FREE" button in the upper right corner. Thank you and happy selling!

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