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Learn how to promote your new music and discover new music on 4fame. These tutorial videos will help you register, set up your profile, upload your new music singles or albums and start promoting your music with 4fame!

Tutorial 1: How to Register on (Music Artists, Musicians, Producers)

Tutorial 2: How to create an Music Artist/Musician/Producer Profile on

Tutorial 3: How to complete a Music Artist Survey on

Tutorial 4: How to upload your MP3's on

Tutorial 5: How to sell your MP3's (Songs) on

Tutorial 6: How to create and sell music albums on

Tutorial 7: How to customize your music store on

Tutorial 8: How to receive music donations on

Tutorial 9: How to buy music directly from Music Artist's on

Tutorial 10: How music artists can help sell the music of other artists.

Tutorial 11: How to set up your concert calendar on

Tutorial 12: How to use the Bulletin Board on

Tutorial 13: How to post artist's news and information on

Tutorial 14: How to create a fan group/team on

Tutorial 15: How to use the Artists invite feature on

Tutorial 16: How to send a song "Shoutout" on

Tutorial 17: How to register as a fan on

Tutorial 18: How to create a fan profile on

Tutorial 19: How to complete the fan survey on

Tutorial 20: How to create a Fan Music Store on

Tutorial 21: How to become a Music Fan on

Tutorial 22: How to RSVP for concerts/shows on

Tutorial 23: How to join a music team/group on

Tutorial 24: How fans can invite artists to join

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