Dear Music Lovers,

Dear Music Makers and Music Lovers,

My name is Kevin Linney and I am the founder/CEO of If you are a person that loves music, then I invite you to join the 4fame network. is a new, innovative music sales website, which allows music makers and music lovers the opportunity to connect and sell music together. 4.F.A.M.E. stands for 4 Fans and Music Entertainment and the primary function of 4fame is to connect music artists with a loyal and supportive fan base. 4fame was created to offer music artists a variety of free services that will help benefit their music careers. The number one goal of is to give music artists complete control over their music career.

Music has always played a very important role in my life. I can’t recall a day where I have not listened to music - it is a constant in my life. Music is emotion and therapy, which helps me get through life’s ups and downs. Music is all about connecting with people…

Over the years the music industry has changed quite a bit. When I was growing up, music artists were able to sell millions of records within a week's time. But now, the general train of thought is that music does not sell anymore. With the rise of the internet and other mobile application devices it is now easier for people to get music for free, with or without the artists permission. I think the decline in music sales can be directly associated with the wide use of the internet and mobile apps. The advancement in music technology hasn’t been all bad for music, because now it is a lot easier for more people to create music without having to spend a lot of money. For example, Indie/underground music artists can now produce records without the financial help from major record labels.

I was once an independent music artist who created two entire albums inside my bedroom. Creating the albums was the easy part. The hard part was trying to market and promote my finished projects. Even with social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I still felt like these sites were not efficient in helping me promote and sell my music and I quickly realized that these sites were not created for music promotion nor music selling. Even sites like Soundcloud and Reverbnation were not helpful because they were created only to promote music but neither offer music sales solutions. So, I thought to myself, what can I do to sell my music? None of the traditional outlets seem to work and I felt that I needed to create something new that would help all music artists sell their music. The music industry needed to follow a new business model, which would help foster music promotion and increase music sales.

How could I utilize the support of my family, friends, and fans to help sell my songs? The idea for the peer-to-peer music selling model was born. I thought, if I could incentivize people to help sell my music by offering them a percentage of the profits off each sale they make, then maybe I could get more people to help promote and sell my songs. The concept is simple; as an artist, I could set up my free 4fame artists profile, upload my mp3’s and set a price for each of my songs. Then, I could have my friends and fans create a free fan page on 4fame and link my page in their “fanatic store,” and they could promote their 4fame fan page on their social media accounts and help me sell my music. This concept would allow fans the opportunity to make money by promoting and selling the music of their favorite artists. Music artists on 4fame can now reward their most loyal and supportive fans by giving them a percentage of the profits from each sale made through their fan pages. Most new artists and some old school artists have become content with just chasing “Likes,” “Views,” and “Followers,” which is fun, but not a legitimate or practical business practice. Music artists should be promoting their music with the end goal of trying to sell songs. It seems that most artists only want to be “Internet Famous,” as opposed to being legitimate music artists. 4fame was created for the people that want to make music a career and not just a side hobby.

While there are many other valuable features on 4fame, such as our musician Bulletin Board, Events Calendar, Online Radio, Music News and Interviews - the primary focus of 4fame is to get music artists back to selling music and fans back to buying music.

I value your feedback and have incorporated functionalities within this site that have been specifically requested by numerous artists and fans internationally. Please share your hopes and dreams for by clicking on the "Contact Us" link in the help center or simply send an email directly to

Thank you for joining and supporting and remember to tell a friend!

Kevin Linney
Founder and President

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