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4fame stands for 4 fans and music entertainment. 4fame offers a supportive free platform and resources to assist upcoming artists in promoting and selling their music and building a greater fan base around the world. Our mission is to create the worlds #1 digital music website for artists, bands, musicians, DJ’s, producers and music-loving fans. 4fame is revolutionizing music sales, as the first to offer a peer-to-peer approach, allowing music artists, peers and fans to sell music together.

Free Music Submissions

Got Music? Get Heard! Join 4fame.com free today to submit your music for special Features, Radio Play and Reviews. All you need to do is create your free 4fame profile complete with your MP3's uploaded and then email your profile link (URL) to: 4music@4fame.com subject line: 4fame Music Submission. Feel free to add any specific names of songs or videos you would like to highlight and we will review your profile and submission.

Music Profiles

4fame offers custom profiles for both music artists as well as music-loving fans, known on 4fame as Fanatics. 4fame features a customizable online radio player, which can be played from your computer or mobile phone on-the-go anytime at no cost to you.

Music Sales Artist and Fanatic profiles can create Music Stores to promote and sell music. Artists can sell their music directly and fans can also help sell the music of artists they love with 4fame's peer-to-peer sales option. All sales are powered by PayPal.com and 4fame reports provide valuable insight, like the email address of the music purchaser and for music artists, which fans accounts are selling music with you.

Artist Profiles include options to sell their own music as well as up to 4 other artists they recommend. You can also showcase events, news, personal bio, fans groups, track info, photos, social networking and ability to collect online donations for a Music Project using PayPal.com . In addition, the more fans who join 4fame and "Become a Fan" of your profile and rate your music - you have the opportunity to be ranked #1 in your genre of music!

Fanatic Profiles include the option of creating your own music store to sell up to 4 artists at one time. Fans earn commission on every sale, rewarding and incentivizing them to promote their favorite artists. Profiles also include: personal bio, photos, social networking, attending local music events, and meeting new friends through music. By joining 4fame, you will be the first to discover new music from around the world, and even customize your own radio station with your favorite music to listen to anytime, anywhere!

Additional Features

Check out 4fame.com's Events for artist performances in your local area, Musician Bulletin Board for Networking and Collaboration, Directory and Artist Spotlight - featuring many up and coming quality artist interviews and the Blacklion Blog for archived episodes of The New Bang Bang's Radio Show.

4fame is not a music label, agent or management team. 4fame will promote your talent, provide tools to propel your career quickly and efficiently and get your music heard. 4fame is hands on - delivering featured artist of the month segments and exclusive interviews for your entertainment.

Music is life. Join our music family on 4fame today free!


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Founder & President - Kevin T. Linney

Director of Operations & Marketing - Katya J. Lerner

Web Designer - Mark Baham

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