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Pablo Delgado ( b. Zamora, Spain 1985) is a Madrid-based singer, actor and songwriter.

Having moved to Madrid at the young age of 17, Pablo later studied performing arts in the Spanish capital, which eventually led to a successful career launch in the musical theatre (his first credits include ‘Hair’ and ‘The Treasure Island’), before turning to professional singing. In this latter capacity he has recorded many TV jingles and backing vocals for Spanish artists such as Raphael, Alejandro Sánz, Disney artists, Nina, Oke, etc. . He has also sung tracks for top Spanish musical producers, performed as a backing vocalist in the Spanish soundtrack of Disney's "The Princess and the Frog", toured Spain with the cast of Gospel Factory (2007-2010), and worked with artists and performers of different genres from around the world.

In 2007, Pablo wrote his first songs with a view to completing a demo CD. Meanwhile the onset of his adult life meant he had much more to tell, and decided that in order to give full expression to his feelings and experiences a full album was in order instead (Despacio, out in 2010).

Despacio’s entire tracklist – including both music and lyrics - has been written and composed by Pablo. In this promising debut album, he fearlessly opens his heart and shares ten life stories with beats ranging from pop to jazz and soul. As we listen to song after song, a convincing crooner persona - both charming and at times poignant - emerges both in the up-tempos as in the mellower and softer tunes, with soul influences especially noticeable in the more intimate and heartfelt lyrics.

Despacio got to #5 on the Spanish iTunes chart on its release week. Since then he's been nominated as artist of the year by several musical sites and even got to be one of the finalist on a bands competition by Spanish radio channel "Abc Punto Radio".
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Genre: Pop

Location: Madrid, MD, Spain

Website: Pablo Delgado

How long have you been an artist? 5-10 Years

Willing to travel? Yes

Available for private events? Yes

Do covers? Yes

Do you perform live? Yes

Do you perform with a live band? No

Do you own your own sound equipment? No

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