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Myki Angeline’s love for performing arts came to fruition at a very early age. Surrounded by a vast amount of Filipino and Irish/Native American culture, she was constantly encompassed by song and dance. Her life studies have brought her places far and wide; recently allowing her to develop an affinity for independent artists and musicians. She also enjoys helping others help themselves; believing in others and see their dreams become reality. Angeline immersed herself into Sacramento’s local music scene back in 2006 which led her to become a co-host for Sacramento’s Backstage Pass in April of 2011, and eventually a DJ for V103 Rock in February of 2012; expanding her talents to the promotions department for Sacramento’s premiere hard rock internet radio station. She also embarked on freelance journalism in 2012; her featured articles on musicians and music reviews have been published from Sacramento to Los Angeles respectively.
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Label: MANA

Manager: self

Press: self

Genre: Alternative

Instrument: Producer

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States


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