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Over the generations, there always comes a strong male vocalist to totally redefine the sound of music with his own brand of blissful ballads. From the late Marvin Gaye to Ronald Isley and R. Kelly, these trendsetting crooners have left unimpressionable marks on soul music that will last until the end of time.

Well on his way to making just as lasting of an impression in the world of R&B is rapidly emerging St. Petersburg, Fla.-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer D.Wyte.

Steeped in the soul-stirring sounds of timeless mature and sophisticated music, D.Wyte brandishes a style of rhythm and soul that places him in a category of his own. Guided by the sultry lead single “Body Talk,” he is set to bring mature sexy back to R&B on the forthcoming Elitascend-released album Stages of a Man due Fall 2013.

“Body Talk” is a slow bedroom groove layered with grinding percussions and an 808 bass drum that will set the mood for any romantic encounter. Simply put is where desire meets passion” explains D.Wyte.BodyTalk (230x780)

Born and raised on the South side of St. Petersburg, Fla., young Dwight came up saturated in a pool of talent. Everyone in the neighborhood tapped into their God-given gifts. Bright-eyed kids dreamed of becoming famous athletes, scholars or entertainers. And early on in life, Dwight knew that he would one day be a professional singer.

D.Wyte was fortunate to grow up in a place where the community cared about its young. They were many of bad influences in his neighborhood, but he was blessed to have people around him that kept him away from wanting to go those paths.

His musical journey was first cultivated in his living room as a child. Growing up, D.Wyte fell in love with his parents constantly playing the soulful sounds of Atlantic Starr, Jodeci, Mint Condition, Boyz II Men, The O’Jays, Frankie Beverly & Maze and Luther Vandross.

Every night in high school, he and his friends would gather together and sing in harmony. Before long, they formed R&B group Fanta C and in no time, had become one of the hottest, most-well-known acts in the Tampa Bay area.

After graduating from high school, D.Wyte served in the United States Army for 3 years. When he returned home, he joined a well-known local rap group, Stylish Family. It was during this time that he fine tuned his performance skills as the only singer in the group.

After meeting with mild success, he was ready to set-out on his own. D.Wyte ventured off to pursue a solo career, but his other love, football, shared his focus. D.Wyte played semi-professional football in Florida for eight years.

During his years on the gridiron, he was named offensive line of the year and selected to the Florida Football Alliance All-Star Team five times. In 2012, he won a league champion as a member of the Orlando Rage. After this accomplish, he decided to focus solely on music.

D.Wyte’s musical talents have blessed him with the opportunity to perform overseas as well as open shows for the likes of Faith Evans, Bobby Valentino and Anthony Hamilton.

And now D.Wyte compiles all of his lessons learned in music, accomplishments and God-given gifts to bless us all with his forthcoming EP Stages of a Man later this year.

A real-life composition of stories and situations that men traverse on the road to maturity, this EP speaks to the soul about what we as human beings experience. Guided by the sultry lead single “Body Talk,” the EP sets the stage of life with reality music.

“Life is a documentary movie and my music just supplies the soundtrack to the movie. It’s geared towards a mature audience.” states D.Wyte.

Featuring tracks like “Don’t Tell”, “Wait For Me”, “Friend Request” and “Proposal,” Stages of a Man boasts soul-stirring stories of men’s rites of passage to manhood and maturity.

“R&B was created to speak from the soul about what we as human beings experience,” says D.Wyte. “And every song is directly related to what I have experienced in life, love, and emotions.”

And that’s exactly what he will soon do with the Fall release of his EP Stages of a Man.
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Label: Elitascend Inc

Manager: jayhill@elitascend.com

Press: camber@urbanaddictiongroup.com

Booking: info@elitascend.com

Genre: R&B

Instrument: Producer

Location: orlando, FL, United States

Website: D.Wyte Music

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