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How much does it cost to join 4fame?

There is no cost to join 4fame.com. Sign up is free. There are no fees to upload your music.

What is 4fame?

4fame is the only community-based music-selling platform, offering a place for music artists and fans to listen, buy and sell music together. 4fame empowers music artists to sell their music directly and peer-to-peer with our exclusive method where artists, peers and fans can help sell music together delivering exponential results. 4fame offers fully-loaded personalized music profiles with Digital Music Stores for artists and fans, online radio, promotional features and interviews for artists, a donation-hub for artists to raise funds, event calendar and musician bulletin board for networking and collaboration.

Do I have to be a Music Artist to join?

4fame is for Music Artists, Musicians, Producers, DJ’s, Bands, Singers, Poets, Music Business / Management and music-loving Fans. Basically, if you love music, you want to be on 4fame. If you create music, join as a Music Artist or Musician. If you love or support music, join as a Fanatic. Both artist and fan profiles can listen, buy and sell music together.

How do I join?

Click the Register Now link in the upper left-hand corner and fill out the form to setup your profile in just 10 minutes. Follow the prompts after registration to set up your profile, upload your music and activate your own Digital Music Store. Check out our YouTube account for additional content and online tutorials.

How do I manage my profile content?

After you sign in to your account, visit the My 4fame Menu, on the far right. There you will find your Account settings, Profile Settings and virtually anything you need for management and customization.

How do I upload my music?

Inside the My 4fame menu, click on My Music which expands and offers several choices including “MP3 Upload.” Click this menu to upload your individual tracks and information regarding those tracks. Once your individual MP3s have been uploaded and saved, you can go to the “My Albums” menu to create albums using any of your uploaded content. Albums also let you add a cover photo and title of your choice.

How do I activate and create my Digital Music Store?

In your My 4fame menu, go to My Music and then select “Digital Music Store Settings.” To activate your store you MUST enter a valid PayPal username (which is the email address you used to sign up with paypal). Each account and music store must have it’s own PayPal account in order to transact sales. Note: If you are an Artist Manager or a Music Distribution company, you can route different PayPal accounts from each store to the same bank or card as needed.

How do I price my music?

You set the price of both individual tracks and albums. You can price them starting at $1.00 and up in whole dollar increments. You can also change the prices of any track or album at any time.

Inside the “Digital Music Store Settings” menu, under your My 4fame menu, you will find a drop down box which lets you select a dollar value to price all your tracks or you can select the menu that says “I will price my music individually.” By selecting this option you are required to enter the dollar value inside each individual MP3 track you uploaded. This is the only way you can price individual songs higher or lesser than another. To edit individual tracks, go back to your My Music menu and MP3 Upload menu to edit.

How much money do I make on every sale?

Artists and Musicians: Artists that sell directly from their profiles and Music Stores will receive 80% of every track and album sale and 4fame receives 20%.

Fans and Artist Peers: Fanatic and Artist Recommendation Music Stores receive 30% of every track and album sale. The corresponding Artist who’s music was sold receives 50% and 4fame receives 20%.

There are no limits to how many fans and artist peers can sell your music with you.

Inside your “Digital Music Store Settings” menu you will check a box to indicate whether or not you will allow fans and artist peers to sell you music with you, peer-to-peer. Only by checking those boxes will your name appear for others to add you to their music stores. If you leave those boxes blank, fans and peers will not be able to sell your music with you.

If you prefer to only let certain people sell with you, check the box that states “Only approved fanatics can promote my music.” Interested fans and peers will need to send you a message to request they can add you to your store and you can approve or deny those requests.

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions box in order to successfully save and activate your 4fame Digital Music Store.

How do I keep track of my sales?

4fame offers “Digital Music Store Sales Reports” for Artists and Fans as well as “Artist Recommendation Store Reports” for Artists in order to track your sales, your earnings as well as who is purchasing your music. You can sort this information by date range and it will display what song title or album was sold and what your commission was. Go to My 4fame menu, My Music, and Digital Music Store Sales Report menu to view. 4fame.com is not responsible for reporting your earnings to the IRS or any other formal process. Inside the Terms and Agreement of your store, you assume all responsibility to properly report your earnings and file your taxes as required. We do recommend utilizing PayPals reporting for accurate statement of earnings to assist you with that process.

Can I find out who is buying my music or who my fans are?

4fame Music Store Reports show the email address of the purchaser, enabling you to know who is buying your music. Also, as fans sign up to join you on 4fame.com and build a team with you, they can “Become a Fan” by clicking that button on your profile and their profile image will display at the bottom of the profile and the total number of fans and fan stores will appear in your profile above the 4 Fanatics tabs.

How do I get paid?

4fame Music stores are powered by PayPal, which means that you get paid when anyone buys a track or album, same-day, live. No more waiting on monthly or quarterly checks to show up. If you or your fans and peers make a sale, the funds are delivered to you right then and there.

What does it mean to donate to an artist?

Any Artist on 4fame has the option of adding a music project to their profile for collecting online donations. This feature is also supported by PayPal and accepts paypal or credit card payment options.

To start a new project, go to your My 4fame menu and click on My Music menu and then My Music Projects. Click on the “Add Project” link to get started. You are only allowed to do one project at a time. You set the goal, the timeline and write a detailed and compelling story to help people understand your goals and why making a donation to fund and support your project is a great idea. You can share the URL link of your profile page and instruct people to click on the “Donate” button, or you can share the URL link directly to your donation page, located by clicking the My Projects tab at the bottom of your profile. You can modify or delete your project at any time.

How do you control what music plays in the 4fame.com online radio?

In the upper right corner you will see the 4fame Online Radio. You can customize the radio with up to 4 different music genre's or stations by clicking the "customize playlist" options directly under the radio. The customization will be saved for any member who customizes while logged into their account. If you are simply visiting the website and are not a registered user, your settings will reset each time you visit back to the defaulted featured artist of the month. Additionally, you can add individual songs or entire artist playlists to the online radio from each individual artist profile by clicking the “Listen in 4rfame Radio” link per tack. To remove, simply click the "X" next to a song or click “clear all.”

What is the Events Calendar?

4fame offers a community Events Calendar for Artists and Fans to utilize at no additional cost. For Artists, visit your Profile Settings menu inside your My 4fame menu to get started. Inside you will find an option to click “Upcoming Events,” which takes you to a menu to Create Event. Follow the prompts. The event will display in the main Event Calendar and can be viewed and shared from there. Fans can visit the calendar to find upcoming events in their area and click the “Attend Event” button. All events that an artist creates will also show up in their own profile under the Events tab, and events that a fan clicks to attend will show up in a fan’s profile under their Events tab.

How do you become a featured artist or featured homepage video?

If you are interested in becoming a featured artist on the homepage, in the radio or inside an exclusive online interview, please send your submissions to 4music@4fame (.com) email. You must include the URL link to your 4fame profile in order to be considered. There is no fee to be featured, however, you must have an active Digital Music Store, Valid PayPal account and Music uploaded to your profile store.

If you have a music video and you would like that to be featured on the homepage, please follow the same guidelines above and also include the link to your video on Vimeo or Youtube.

How can I share my profile?

Every profile page has its own unique URL that can be linked and shared. Additionally, you will find a few icons near your profile picture that will help you promote your profile and share online. The "4" 4fame icon when clicked gives you an embed code so that you can add the 4fame logo to your own website, which will link back to your page. There are also links to social media platforms and an envelope icon for in house 4fame messaging.

What are the 4 Fanatic Tabs at the bottom of my profile for?

News - go to your profile settings and share any music related news. Anything you share will show up in your News tab as well as any Fan's News Tabs who are your fans on 4fame.

Bio - displays the biography you wrote during your sign up process. Can be edited at any time in your profile settings menu. Use this to share your story!

Events - This tab will display any events you add to the main 4fame Events Calendar. Fans to click to attend your event will also have your event display in their tab.

My Music Dreams - If Artists have an active Music project accepting online donations, you can access and view the project page from this tab. You can also get to the project by having someone click the Donate button on your profile. If you do not have an active project the donate button will be inactive.

Groups - Build a team! Create a group! You can start a group or join another 4fame member's group for focused discussion, networking, support and collaboration.

Tracks - When Artists upload MP3's to their music stores, it gives you options to add track details such as featured artists, producers and lyrics. Any information entered there will display in this tab.

Contact info and links - make it easy for others to get in contact with you or follow you online. Enter all your contact information and websites in the profile settings menu and it will display here in the contact tab. If you have a music video, personal website or other featured content you would like to link out to, please utilize the this area, specifically, the Video Link and Other Link Title and URL fields.

How do I improve my artists Ranking Score?

Your score is based on two basic fundamentals - how people rank your songs with our star rating system 1-5 stars, 5 being the best and how many fans you have. The more fans you have and the more people rate your songs well, the higher your ranking score will be. In addition, as you improve your fan base, you will move from bronze up to platinum as an artist.

What is the Search 4fame Members menu for?

Use this menu to seek out artists in genres you like Or fans who like your genre. You can also use the invite fanatics menu in My 4fame to invite fans to your profile page (Artists only). Artists can also use this feature to find fans who like their genre BY LOCATION. A great example of how this would benefit you is with touring. Imagine you are setting out on tour and want to invite fans who love your genre of music to attend your event or like your page. This menu allows you to target new fans by genre and location.

What is the Invite a Friend menu for?

Use this menu to invite your artists or fan friends to join 4fame.com free. You will see a series of messages in the drop down message to help you network with others, build a team or invite a fan to sell music with you, etc. explore this menu to help build your sales team, fan base and overall 4fame community. Messages can be sent via email. Separate email addresses with a comma (,).

I can't remember my username and/or password

Click here to have your username emailed to you or to reset your password.

I am having trouble uploading my photos

4fame.com accepts photos uploaded in the following formats and sizes: 300x400, 650x450. If you are having trouble uploading photos, please make sure your photos are of the proper size and format. If further issues persist, please contact us for further technical assistance.

How do I deactivate my membership?

Click the My 4fame menu. Select “Account Settings” and expand personal information. Check "Yes" under “Deactivate My Account” and save. Delete Account should prompt you to confirm, and then execute the command. YOU CANNOT REACTIVATE a deactivated account and will be required to start over from the beginning with registration and all set-up processes if you wish to become a member of our community again. We urge you to take caution when using this feature since it cannot be undone. You can always modify the content without deleting your account. If you need additional support, please email us directly at 4music@4fame.com

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